The Consortium

BYS Grup ( has in depth experience in international projects financed by multilateral and bilateral institutions, such as the EU, World Bank, UN and Turkish Research and Scientific Council. Moreover, BYS Grup has successfully implemented several internationally funded R&D projects. Considering the scope of this project, two projects developed under EU FP7 stand out: ALZ-e-MED: is a comprehensive Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Lifecycle Management and Scoring System. Multiple challenges faced by patients and caregivers (when patients are cared for at home by relatives) can be overcome in an effective and cost-efficient manner with ALZ-e_MED’s scientifically developed modules such as Cognitive Exercises, Training Videos, Medication Reminders, etc. The Elder Tablet (ELTAB) is a prototype consisting of a tablet, medical and everyday devices, home sensors and a gateway with decision making support for the elderly. BYS Grup IT team, consisting of Experts who have taken part in the design, development and implementation of similar healthcare applications will leverage its experience and knowledge to the development of this project. In June 2017, BYS Grup proposed a R&D project to TUBITAK, which includes the creation of a speech recognition application for Turkish language.

ENBISYS ( develops advanced, data-driven technologies that provide solutions to challenging problems. Over the past 10 years, the company worked with the best, brightest and most successful organizations to help accelerate growth and increase value. The company develops solutions in the field of software, corporate information systems and Internet services, as well as engaged in innovative projects in the field of healthcare, telecommunications and communications, automation of production and business processes. The ENBISYS company actively cooperates with research institutions and university in Tomsk and neighboring regions to develop the optimum solutions and perform R&D&I projects. In the framework of this project ENBISYS will collaborate with Research Institute of Complex Problems of Cardiovascular Diseases, Kemerovo State University and Medical Center “KuzbassNeiro” to provide insight on the game platform and its effect on the actual patients, as well as to improve the technologies and methods used in the development of the rehabilitation game.

University of the Aegean

The Information and Communication Systems Engineering Department (ICSD) of University of the Aegean (UoA) ( coordinates the Hellenic consortium of the COGNIPLAT project. During the past years, the members of the department have been involved in several European and National funded projects and have acquired considerable experience and knowledge. Based on this knowledge, ICSD is able to offer innovative solutions in the development and implementation of various components of the ICT infrastructure, which are required for the efficient delivery of future digital services. Members of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory ( and the Computer & Communication Systems Laboratory ( of ICSD participate in COGNIPLAT project. Their current research activity is well balanced between theory and practice and covers a wide range of Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD). More specifically, research is focusing on theoretical and applied issues of: Ontologies (Ontology Engineering, Digital Libraries, etc.) Semantic Web (Cloud Environments, Semantic Wikis, etc.) Intelligent Agents (Cognitive Systems and Robotic devices, Intelligent Interfaces in Social Web, E-health and E-learning, etc.) Data Mining (sentiment analysis, image classification, etc.). According to the aforementioned, state-of-the-art principles researchers are able to contribute to the essence of innovative, intelligent ICT services, especially in dynamic areas such as e-health and Ambient Assisted Living, where the plethora of available heterogeneous information together with semantic knowledge originating from medical domain experts need to be efficiently and effectively managed. UoA contributes in game platform development with engineers with an expertise in serious games development. UoA provides also its in-depth knowledge engineering expertise.

Frontida Zois (, by providing in daily basis care giving services to elderly people, has gained valuable practical experience in all issues that affect their daily living. Frontida Zois provides nursing services (personal hygiene, management of medication, prime care), and social care services (psychological support, counseling, bills management, errands) with our nurses and social workers, aiming to the best possible quality of life and ageing well of our beneficiaries. In most of the cases, their elderly patients, usually they have some kind of chronic disease, frailty, mental or physical impairment. “Frontida Zois” disposes a multidisciplinary staff team from various disciplines such as sociology, social work, psychology, nursing, telematics and software engineering. Frontida Zois disposes a network of 80-100 seniors and elderly people.