The COGNIPLAT platform is an innovative cognitive impairment rehabilitation tool that is developed for assisting elderly who have MCI but have not yet developed dementia. It is built based on a multi-disciplinary approach combining theories of neuropsychology, cognitive linguistics and speech therapy organized in five domains, one diagnostic and four training domains focused on enhancing cognitive functions through different game exercises. In addition, the platform is designed to automatically adjust the complexity and type of exercises by adapting the cognitive requirements of the games to the characteristics of each patient.

The diagnostic domain aims to evaluate, through a specific set of exercises, the degree of impairment of the patient’s cognitive functions in order to determine the difficulty level of the exercises to start.

The remaining areas focus on the reinforcement of different cognitive functions through exercises.

The first cognitive domain is focusing on memory and includes exercises that focus on recalling the position of objects and patterns, a sequence of numbers, elements of associative knowledge etc.

The second cognitive domain focuses on attention with the use of exercises that request, for example, to replace words or phrases with images or image sequences and identifying objects displayed on the screen.

The third cognitive domain focuses on enhancing the perception ability with the use of exercises that require some kind of orientation or determining the location of an object with respect to another.

The fourth cognitive domain focuses on reasoning and problem solving with exercises such as solving arithmetic crosswords and selecting the right pattern to reasonably complete a given sequence.

In addition, the platform includes the implementation of game scenarios based on interactive 3D environments with activities from everyday life.

The developed games are available both on Android/Tablet platform and in Web format and a sample of these games are available online from the following links:


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